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Interim Management


Intero’s Interim Management talent provides experienced and credentialed support in large and small hospitals and facilities nationwide. During times of transitions it is critical to support your staff with a management team-member that has the ability to confidently bridge the gap. Intero's experts have seamlessly guided multiple HIM departments through numerous transitions due to their background and experience as HIM Directors and Coding Managers.


After discussing your facilities specific needs, Intero will select and match you with an Interim Manager that has multiple years of experience in a similar capacity. Our in-depth database of top-talent will ensure your HIM department remains compliant with all regulatory requirements and maintains all financial benchmarks while properly managing the day-to-day operations.


Intero is committed to delivering quality and understands time is of the essence when filling an open Management role. Our HIM Interim Managers are ready to step-in whether it's for a permanent employees extended leave or until you hire a new professional to fill an open role. We hire the industries best and most experienced HIM professionals and provide them with continual education to ensure industry standards are met.


Additional Interim Management Benefits


  • Hospitals reduce their need to hire more individuals and thus reduce their overhead by using Intero’s services.

  • Facilities can utilize this service according to their fluctuating census needs, essentially turning on or off the service quickly and easily.

  • All employees receive medical, dental and vision benefits at no additional cost to you.




More Services

Intero's Coders are certified, experienced, and US based. We guarantee your charts will never be outsourced to a third party.


Management is dedicated to training and monitoring coders to ensure all coding meets accuracy standards.

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