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Physician Advisory


While precise clinical documentation is essential for appropriate revenue capture and quality metrics, meaningful provider engagement with CDI initiatives requires ongoing and clinically relevant education.

Physician-Authored CDI Training

​The demanding clinical schedule that most providers navigate mandates CDI education to be strategically targeted and concisely delivered. 


Intero’s highly successful and sustainable provider CDI education solution delivers physician-authored and clinically-oriented presentations without any references to coding guidelines and CDI conceptual definitions

The fast-paced environment of healthcare can lead to incomplete or ambiguous records, with documented assessments failing to support CMI improvement goals, accurate expected mortality, and length of stay. This not only affects reimbursement but can also lead to issues with patient care continuity and legal complications.

The administrative burden associated with medical coding can be overwhelming for providers. The process of translating clinical information into standardized codes requires meticulous attention to detail and can be time-consuming. This administrative task can detract from the time providers have to spend on direct patient care, contributing to burnout and decreased job satisfaction.

Intero Physician-to-Physician CDI Training

Intero works directly with providers to ensure documented assessments are aligned with their facility’s key standardized definitions and clinical validation criteria. Utilizing case studies designed by a physician fosters provider participation and facilitates a significant change in the culture of provider documentation.  As an added custom feature, each training program is bespoke with only a specific subspecialty in focus, removing any unnecessary or irrelevant material to the provider. Accordingly, Intero’s CDI provider education ensures documented provider assessments reflect appropriate patient severity and risk adjustment for improved monetization and accurate quality metrics for the facility.

Intero’s clients have seen rapid and profound improvements in case mix index (CMI), and risk adjustment with our education that is carefully designed by physicians for the optimal relevance to any provider team. This peer relationship plays a crucial role in the success of clinical documentation improvement initiatives.


Additional Clinical Documentation Improvement Services 

  • Intero's CDI program optimization designed to move metrics consistently when other programs aren't working 

  • Intero's CDI training program

    • Develop your CDI skills to become a CDI Specialist


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