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ICD-10 Support


The Health Information Management industry went through some major changes in October 2015 as we shifted from ICD-9 to ICD-10. This was a government mandated change to the coding classification system. The old system, ICD-9 which had about 17,000 codes was replaced by ICD-10 which has about 155,000 codes.


Most hospitals experienced a smooth transition as this change has been years in the making however not all small hospitals had the same experience. If healthcare practices fail to adhere to ICD-10, claims can and will be denied and therefore result in loss of revenue for facilities. It is crucial that facilities partner with an expert like Intero to successfully transition into this new government mandated change.


Intero's ICD-10 Service Benefits


  • The majority of Intero's HIM professionals have all been dual-coding and auditing ICD-10 code for over a year.

  • Our experienced coders can support an HIM department where productivity is lacking due to new standards with ICD-10.

  • Intero's experienced auditors are familiar with ICD-10 giving them the experience needed to make a seamless transition.



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Partner with an expert like Intero to confidently transition into ICD-10.


Our auditors and coders have ICD-10 experience needed to support HIM departments that still need extra coverage due to the change.

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