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Information Technology. ServiceNow.

Intero Group Tech Services is a specialized human capital resource firm, that partners with customers to better understand their business environments, both technologically and culturally, in order to identify the best talent to augment their team needs.


We have experience in placing information technology consultants in contract, contract to hire, and permanent roles for clients large and small. 

At Intero Group Tech Services, our message is simple - a customized hiring process to help identify quality resources and impeccable customer service. Look, hiring can be hard and time consuming. We understand that. We know time is your most precious commodity and that your Outlook Calendar probably resembles more of a Rubix cube than an actual schedule. Let Intero Tech Services help!


Our customized processes will help you identify the best talent in a timely and efficient manner helping you reclaim your most valuable resource…TIME!!

Looking for quality IT and ServiceNow talent to join your team but don't have the bandwidth to search for them? 

Contact us today to see how our services can increase your productivity with highly-skilled and experienced technology talent. 

Highly Sought After Skills
Machine Learning
Internet of Things (IoT)
Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
App. Development
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